3D Printed, 100% Recycled, All Style

Who says being planet first means style second?

We are super excited to be able to showcase products to our community that are not only are better for you, your family + the planet but also look super sexy doing it! One of our favourite suppliers that combines style and sustainability is The Rogerie.

Who are these crazy kids?

The awesome humans of The Rogerie, Brady + Angela, have developed a process that takes landfill plastics and turns them into stylish and functional new products.  Born out of starting a new life together and realizing they could do something impactful with that life they started The Rogerie. If you would like the full story on what prompted these crazy kids to start on this path, check it out here.

When is a window frame a wine glass?

The Rogerie have made it their mission to source their materials from local Canadian companies, diverting as much recyclable plastics from our landfills here at home as they can. They take items like window frames, refrigerators, TVs and other not easily repurposed plastics and create beautiful things. The best part is that when you eventually wear out those wine glasses or want to update your bathroom colours; you can recycle your old Rogerie items into new a cool products for someone else to enjoy.

How can plastic be zero waste?

Because they use 3D printing to make all their great products there is zero waste in the production process. All the materials used are actually part of the finished product. This means less waste, less water and no materials going to landfill. Sourcing all of their raw materials locally there is no international shipping carbon footprint. Brady + Angela are so committed to their mission that their whole process is powered by renewable energy sources.

 The Future has arrived!

3D printed, fully recycled plastic, eco-chic household items might sound like just a concept (and a mouthful) but we are happy to say we have them in stock. Brought to us by the amazing team at The Rogerie we have wine glasses, soap dishes and cutlery packs.

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