Chemical deodorants are the pits

Naturally odour free

Which natural product is best?

Natural deodorant can come in many shapes, styles and method of application -  just as more traditional chemical types do. It can take some trial and error to find which one works best for your body type, activity level and lifestyle but my advise would be to swap like for like. If you are using a spray stick with a spray, a stick keep to a stick or a cream, etc. Your routine will already notice an impact so keeping it familiar will make the transition easier.

Isn't natural deodorant messy?

The trick to natural deodorant is to treat it the same as what you've been using all along. For some this can be a bit tricky as a lot of the natural products are creamier and tend to get stuck in underarm hair. In this case I suggest the dab method instead of the swipe bak and forth. This ensures you don't put too much on while still providing protection. I've found that Bottle None works great for me - no muss no fuss.

How long will it take to adjust?

If you've been using chemical deodorant for your whole life it will take some time to adjust to the switch - like a few weeks - no really. Your underarms have years of clogged pores and built up chemicals they need to work through. I would highly recommend using a product like the No Tax Life Underarm Detox Bar. Using a detox bar is like doing a celery juice cleanse for your armpits but without the aftertaste.

Ready to Make the switch?

It's important to remember that there are a lot of options out there for natural deodorant and it's important to read your ingredients list carefully. I always recommend making sure your product is made from naturally sourced, cruelty free ingredients such as those from Bottle None or Nourished.

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