Filo Tabs - 100% clean 0% water (or at least pretty close)

Filo Tabs + Bottles

Our vendor spotlight this time is our line of zero waste cleaning products by Filo. These tabs may be small but they certainly are mighty. Made from all natural products, these planet loving cleaners even come in a fully compostable package.

What are these wonder tabs?

Filo tabs are a super concentrated cleaner that is pressed into a tablet that you just pop into a bottle, add your own water and wait 1 minute - then voila you have an amazing cleaner ready to go. Filo is careful to make their tabs with only the highest quality natural ingredients; even the scents are natural, no chemicals here. 

The tabs also fit nicely into the Filo glass bottles with silicone sleeves. These bottles have a really easy sprayer action so if you have 5 bathrooms or hand cramps from scrolling Instagram all day, you can still get the job done. Also as far as cleaning products go these bottles are pretty sleek  - dare we say sexy - and can be colour coded to match the scents, your decor or your favourite mop bucket.

But do they actually work?

These little tabs work wonders, we've put them through the wringer; greasy glass, splattered stainless, busy bathrooms and house full of pets. Made with all natural ingredients they are safe to use around pets, kids and on almost any surface (we recommend testing fabrics first). Filo uses natural fragrances instead of essential oils so the glass cleaner leaves a crystal clear streak free clean. Did we mention they smell amazing? 

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