Solid bar soaps - What's all the hype?

The hot new trend that's been around for 1000's of years

Solid soaps have been around since the dark ages but they are gaining popularity in the past couple of years. They are tried and true natural product option to replace chemical soaps in plastic bottles.

So what is so great about them...

With many people focused on reducing their carbon footprint solid shampoo, conditioner and body bars are a great easy step. With liquid soap products consisting mainly of water - sometimes over 95% - that is a lot of water that gets shipped around the world unnecessarily. By switching to solid bars you can replace a 500 ml bottle with a 35 g bar, that's a lot less to ship. The solid bars also eliminate that big plastic bottle from both your shower and the landfill.

Not all bars are made of gold...

When choosing to make the switch it is important to confirm that the shampoo and conditioner bars are for you hair type - just like the old bottles you're leaving behind. Shampoo bars are also not all created equal. You won't have the best results if you just use any old bar of soap for the locks. Make sure when you're buying a shampoo bar that it is pH balanced and created specifically as a shampoo bar. Your hair will thank you for your efforts and you'll be excited for how many of your friends and co-workers will notice.

Aren't solid soap bars expensive?

Solid bars can last quite a long time and will look after your hair + skin if you look after them. 

The best way to extend the life of your solid bar is:

  • Always store your bar on a draining soap dish away from the flow of water from your shower head.
  • If you have a steam shower set your bar outside the shower while you steam so you don't melt your bar - I learned this the hard way.
  • For shampoo + conditioner bars - lather the bar in your hands then run your hands through your hair. Rubbing the bar directly on your hair will cause you to go through it much faster than necessary.
  • For body bars - putting your bar into a super soft soap sack or exfoliating scrubby it self lathers and reduces how much soap you need each shower. In a soap sack our 100 g body bars can last up to two months!

Ditch the bottle, Bars are better

Making the switch to solid shampoo, conditioner and body bars is a great way to help reduce waste sure, but they are also amazing for your skin and body. Our skin reacts to our cleansers like our stomach relates to our dinner plate. We absorb so much of what we apply on the outside of our bodies. By switching to natural, handcrafted vegan soaps you ensure that they are palm oil, SLS + cruelty free. Solid soap bars are a choice you can be certain is better for you, your family + the planet.

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