Vegan Food Wraps - Kitchen Tested, Bee Approved

These super stylish reusable food wraps should be a staple in everyone's kitchen. Ranging from small snack size to extra large loaf of bread size, these wraps can do anything plastic cling film can do - but better. Foldable, moldable and able to fit just about any container or food; these wraps will help keep your leftovers fresh for days.

Tree vs Bee

The Vegan Food Wraps we carry are treated with a special blend of natural wax and tree resin to achieve their waterproof moldable finish. The advantage to this is that you don't have to re-wax the wraps during their lifespan. This saves you both time and money while helping keep plastic film out of the landfill and bees in their hives.

Protect your wraps so they can protect your food

The special blend of resins that give these wraps their super powers should last in excess of a year with constant use as long as you care for them properly. To clean your wraps between use simply use warm - not hot, not boiling - water to rinse away any food debris. If you need to get any stuck on food use a mild vegan soap such as our No Tox Life Dish BlockΒ and don't scrub too hard. Pat dry with a no lint dishtowel or stand to dry. Once dry you can fold or roll and store in the pantry or drawer. Try not to crease too harshly or you will create weak spots and shorten the life of your wraps.

That's a Warp


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