Foaming Hand Soap Glass Bottle
Foaming Hand Soap Glass Bottle

Foaming Hand Soap Glass Bottle

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This glass bottle with foaming pump are the perfect size to use with filo hand soap tablets.

Just add a packet of hand soap tablets to the bottle, top up with water and it turns into a gentle foaming hand soap.

Directions for use:

  1. Place one packet (2 tabs) of the soap refill tabs in the bottle.
  2. Add 350 mL of water.
  3. Replace pump and wait for the tabs to dissolve.
  4. With the pump securely closed you may swirl the bottle to aid in the mixing.

Available in two colours:

  • Frosted White
  • Solid Black

Includes one 375 ml Bottle with foaming pump and oneĀ starter soap packet.

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