About Greenbriar Market + Refillery Inc.

In a world turned upside down by a global pandemic, Shawn & Mathew were in the midst of purchasing a new home and living temporarily in a lovely, but not lockdown appropriate downtown Calgary apartment. While they waited out building delay after building delay they had been given a gift. Furloughed from work and locked down there was nowhere to go and nothing to do but think. While Mathew's thoughts were more focused on dreading the next Zoom meeting, Shawn began thinking about creating his own business. But what? Having worked in retail for his whole career, it was hard to imagine doing anything else. He loved interacting with customers, daily operations and the ever changing landscape that is retail, but for him, something was missing. Like many people, Shawn wanted what he did every day to matter. Not just to his boss, his customers or the company he worked for but really matter--like have an impact on the world around him MATTER!