Corn Floss
Corn Floss

Corn Floss

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Your mouth will love our natural, compostable zero-waste dental floss and the fresh taste of mint that it provides, leaving your teeth squeaky clean and chemical-free. 

Our Canadian zero waste floss is perfect for people with a bit more room between teeth and will keep your smile looking great, completely free of any discomfort or waste. To make things even better, each time you run out of eco floss, simply transfer a new spool into your glass container (sold separately) from the refill pack and your new supply of environmentally friendly dental floss is ready to use.

Chemical Free
Compostable Packaging

Corn Dental Floss recommended for individuals with wider gaps between their teeth

Jar comes with one 30m Length Floss
Refill comes with 2 x 30m Length Floss

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