Hemp Bulk Pantry Bag
Hemp Bulk Pantry Bag
Oko Creations

Hemp Bulk Pantry Bag

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This hemp + cotton bag is food safe and specially made for the purchase of bulk food products: nuts, legumes, cereals, rice, etc. Bring it to the grocery store to shop for cookies or bulk products! They are embellished with a convenient label for noting the product number with a water-washable pencil.

With a smart design that offers a product without seams or folds inside, it is easy to use and clean; no more crumbs stuck between the seams! Its 2 sliding drawstrings allow you to close it tightly so that the products do not come out of the bag.

Washable and reusable, this bag will replace at least 150 plastic bags every year! An essential product for a zero waste home!

Available in two sizes:  Medium + Large

Sold without packaging

Made in Quebec 🇨🇦

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