Hemp Reusable Bread Bag
Hemp Reusable Bread Bag
Hemp Reusable Bread Bag
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Hemp Reusable Bread Bag

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This reusable bread bag is made of strong and durable hemp laminated with waterproof, food-grade film. Bring it to your local bakery or grocery store to buy bread, croissants, bagels or other baked goods. It is big enough to hold 2 loaves and its tight weave will prevent crumbs from escaping! With no interior seams or folds, contents won’t get stuck inside. The fabric is printed with water-based dye. The bag closes like a dry bag, creating a handle for easy transport once closed.

Do you make your own homemade bread? It's even better! The bag will keep bread fresh for at least 5 days while reducing condensation that can cause mold. The crust will stay crisp!

Wash it and reuse it for years to come, preventing hundreds of plastic bread bags from hitting landfills annually.

Made in Quebec 🇨🇦

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