Signature Aromatic Oil Blends - 20 ml
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Signature Aromatic Oil Blends - 20 ml

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Our Signature Aromatic oil collection has been handcrafted here in Calgary to take your senses on a journey through the Rockies. Each of our scents represents living in Alberta and beyond.

Calming Cascades: This invigorating scent of bayberry + peppermint takes you to the rushing waters of the river valley with a combination of clean and spicy scents. 

Peaceful Prairie: This scent with its notes of apple, cedar + smoke bring you to the wide open spaces at the height of spring or an orchard in the early days of fall. This light upbeat scent is sure to lift your spirits.

Personal Paradise: Just like the name suggests this scent, with hints of tropical flowers + sandalwood, transforms your space into an island getaway. Sure to melt away the stresses of the day and transport you to your very own personal paradise.

Snowy Summit: Crisp + fresh with hints of peppermint, musk + fir, this signature scent will lift your spirits to the heights of an icy mountain summit. Feel the exhilaration of breathing in the air on a rocky peak without the 10 hour hike.

Urban Unwind: After a day of exploring the back country or a  hard day at the office this scent is perfect for relaxing at home. Whether in front of the fire or soaking in a nice bath notes of sage, vanilla + sandalwood will mellow your mood for a chill night in.

Wandering Woods: Bright and fresh with notes of fir, birch + cedar this scent will transport you to the vibrant Canadian wilderness. This signature scent will awaken your senses and invigorate you.

These oils are to be used in a diffuser. We like to add 2-3 drops to our designer dyer balls instead of using any fabric sheets.

It is not recommended to apply to surfaces as they do contain oils and may affect the surfaces appearance. *Not suitable for direct application on skin*

Each bottle contains 20 ml of our signature oil blend.

 Made in Calgary 🇨🇦

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